Updates from the local sphere and beyond

Source: Marilyn Mifsud LL.D¸ Adv 

Business & Securities Associate¸ PKF Malta

In Malta the following new legal notices have been promulgated:

·         LN 235 of 2013 – the 15th September 2013 has been officiated as the date of entry into force of the long anticipated and long awaited Whistleblowers Act  it is interesting to see how this new piece of legislation will


·         LN 238 of 2013- has amended the double tax treaty with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg signed in 1994- this has in essence increased the flexibility of exchange of information articles to release all that is considered ‘foreseeably relevant’ . Additionally a contracting state cannot decline to supply information simply based on its own lack of domestic interest in the same as perhaps was plausible in the past.


·         LN 239 of 2013- introduced a<span clas