University-PKF agreement signed

Published on Times of Malta, 31st May 2015

The Department of Economics at the University of Malta has signed a collaborative agreement whereby PKF Malta will provide placements in summer for a restricted number of third year students who qualify for the Honours programme in economics and who are interested in developing skills in cost benefit analysis and relevant research.

PKF Malta will provide mentorship and certify the period of placement. This work experience is of benefit to students and will help them become more employable upon graduation and possibly before.

The agreement is the second of its kind signed this year and is evidence of the growing interest in economics students and graduands who are being recruited because of their strong analytical skills as well as the relevance of the restructured University’s Programme in Economics, which compares well with economics programmes at top universities in Europe, the US and elsewhere.

It is also thanks to the calibre of visiting professors funded by the Central Bank of Malta. The programme also successfully bridges the gap between theory and application. The number of final year Honours students has this year totalled 16.

Published on Times of Malta, 31st May 2015