UK Pensioners…Destination Malta

Kinga Warda¸ PKF Malta¸ December 2012

Malta is certainly the best place to go¸ if you are tired of grey weather.  Malta is well known as a tourist-friendly island¸ and the sun shines almost all year round.  When you add up the incredible limpit water and traditional Mediterranean food which you can buy on every corner… you might think that it’s a paradise (and you’re not wrong!).  This month¸ Kinga Warda from PKF Malta tells us about the advantages of Malta as a retirement destination and the Pension Schemes available.

After months of consultation¸ the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) announced that retirement schemes established in Malta bay be recognized as QROPS.  A QROPS scheme can be highly advantageous¸ benefiting from excellent flexibility and offering significant taxation and investment advantages.  To learn more about these advantages read more on page 86 of the December issue of the Lawyer Monthy Magazine.  For more information contact

Publication source: Lawyer Monthly Magazine