UCITS for US Hedge Mutual & Investment Fund Managers

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UCITS for Hedge¸ Mutual & Investment Fund Managers: Distribution & Asset Raising Opportunities in Europe

UCITS for US Hedge¸ Mutual & Investment Fund Managers: What are the opportunities?

There are opportunities and challenges when it comes to US managers launching and distributing UCITS funds into Europe and beyond.

With the overriding opportunities which exist for managers in the US¸ there are many already capitalising on these funds and successfully distributing and raising assets outside the US.

Some of the questions managers are asking themselves:

•    Are UCITS right for me?
•    Will my products fits into a UCITS fund?
•    How can I take my products and use them to fit a European market?
•    How can I raise assets?
•    What is the most cost efffective option for me when setting up a UCITS?

Answers and opinions on these questions and more will be discussed and addressed at IBC’s UCITS for US Hedge¸ Mutual and Investment Fund Managers conference. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear direct from key European and US industry experts and ensure you have explored all the options when it comes to accessing European investors.

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Picture Source: Informaglobalevents.com