Tunemalta Summer 2012 Newsletter


Welcome to our Summer 2012 TuneMalta Newsletter!

Dear TuneMalta  Reader¸

Summer 2012 is well underway and here in Malta we are blessed with these lovely hot summer days¸ breezy nights and full bloom ‘festas’ honouring numerous local saints.  Although this atmosphere instills a feeling of relaxation¸ behind the scenes creating innovative plans to make this year a successful one never end. 

We’ve got no magic wand granting us golden blocks but believe it or not underneath the hustle and bustle of these confusing times¸ there are ‘silent’ profit machines traveling at high speed right now that we are willing to take on.

Our Gaming Team has been spotting these opportunities and regularly makes them available to you on Tunemalta.com.  Read on to get a peek of this valuable information…

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