Top 5 ecommerce trends for 2014

Source: Jose Samuel Alonso Molina¸ PKF Malta¸ January 2013


During 2013¸ global electronic commerce increased revenues¸ as in previous years¸ confirming the excellent time for the sector. The 2014 will be no different. The eCommerce revenue is expected to grow as more companies plan out their road maps and start to implement their international eCommerce strategies

In a report published by Forrester Research – global research and advisory firm¸ the new trends in e-commerce for 2014 were presented. Here are the 5 key trends pointed out in the report that will gain momentum in the Age of the customer in 2014.

  1. The traffic and sales via mobile will continue to grow up during 2014; the percentage of traffic and online orders placed via mobile devices will increase in almost every market worldwide. Moreover¸ Forester believes that a growing number of brands will launch new mobile websites and apps in response.
  2. The brands will increase their online presence.
  3. Retailers will need to plan for key online shopping dates everywhere in the world. U.S. and European companies expanding into new global markets will have to plan for overseas key dates related to ecommerce just as they do in their home markets. For example¸ in 2013¸ the Singles’ Day in China recorded a 5¸700 million in online sales.
  4. The new entries in the market will be easier as sellers and retailers deploy new offerings for brands.
  5. The performance in global markets will remain difficult; Many brands that expand internationally — especially those that launch direct-to-consumer websites — will still struggle to reach profitability.