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PKF Malta Speaker: Lynsey Schembri 
SiGMA Agenda

PKF Malta has been among the leaders in promoting the i-gaming industry contributing in no small way to develop Malta as a European Hub. After the launch of the Malta Remote Gaming Regulations in 2004 and a decade of spiralling growth¸ the sector in Malta is due for a  revamp of  its  legislation. We are pleased to announce that¸ Lynsey Schembri ¸ our Senior Statistician who heads the Statistics department at Risk Management Services (Malta) Limited and PKF Malta will be presenting our latest study “The iGaming and Malta: Statistically Significant Facts” at the SiGMA conference to be held between the 30th of October and 2nd of November 2014.

This survey covers various areas which effect the operations of the LGA’s licensees such as the introduction of the UK Point of Consumption Tax¸ the current Malta regulatory framework¸ gaming taxation and licensing framework¸ business expansion opportunities and employment skill gaps. Another area covered by the  study is the opportunities in jurisdictions  beyond Europe¸ such  as  Asia¸ the US and Latin America¸ whereby the LGA could assist via various  channels  at political and diplomatic  levels.

We would like to thank the gaming industry who actively participated in this study and the Lottery and Gaming Authority for their acknowledgement.


Speaker: Lynsey Schembri

SiGMA Agenda
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