The Hobbit -a cure for election blues?

Source: George M. Mangion¸ PKF Malta

As published in the Malta Today on the 19th December 2012

50c7815ca5987_Ancalagon_HobbitInternationalOnesheet_thumbOur political leaders assured us of a pact among themselves not to indulge in electioneering so that we poor souls can enjoy Christmas and the festive season until the traditional feast of the Epiphany. Yes ¸it has been an exciting year for all with the good news that our budget so lauded and revered ( minus a few clauses ) by both parties has passed the Brussels Litmus test but regrettably failed to muster a majority vote in Parliament. Most have been relieved that Christmas is round the corner and we can  enjoy the next two weeks in peace forgetting the spin¸ smoke and mirrors that will bombard our TV screens by artful dodgers hoping to blind us in yielding gracefully our “Precious” ……alias the coveted number one vote. We have all survived the visits by faceless suitors who come in good spirits in our kitchens promising a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow come 9th March next year.

But acting cynical is not the scope of my article .Upon reflection¸ lets us all thank heaven for our blessings and rejoice that another year is nearly over and try to spread some cheer amongst this tiny nation of ours .It means we have survived the digital age ¸learned to use our smartphones¸ tested our Instagram filters and perhaps started to enjoy the wonders of the latest Windows 8 tablet based software.  In spite of  hefty electricity tariffs most of us have thrown caution to the wind and adorned our windows and balconies in a kaleidoscopic display of Christmas lights that twinkle silently late into the night. So you can just believe me when I say that it is¸ indeed¸ beautiful and wish we can prolong the bliss beyond the election barrage that is expected to bring out the worst in Machiavellian stratagems designed by political parties trying furtively to sway the floating voters attention . The Nationalists want to win back the 8 % lead currently enjoyed by the opposition ( a mere 20¸000 votes ). No holds shall be barred and everyone is invited for a mud slinging charade which will only end when the last vote is counted. Party whips will be fining tuning their micro-managing techniques during the Christmas recess and thinking of the best ways how to regain/ maintain voters loyalty. The same goes for the incumbent political party aided with pro bono ICT specialists trying their best to simulate what -if models of voter psychologies …anything to try and predict election results which due to a relative high percentage of uncommitted voters is an unknown variable.  Even though the opposition so far boast of a head start anything can happen as they have no control over the next three months -ultimately its all hands on deck as foot soldiers are called to march for battle. Back on the subject of the festive cheer we lift our hopes high and enjoy every minute of the so called “two week ” truce and focus on our everyday chores trying to make the most of it. Do you ever just stand there talk¸ smile¸ and reflect passively how short is the festive season?

At its end ¸the future beckons -we shall all face the circus of political animals parading for our attention; promising heaven on earth. It is a nightmarish dream particularly if you are one of inner circle of chosen political