The evolution of the Cloud

Source: Alexander Paulin¸ PKF Malta

As published on The Malta Today on Wednesday 28th May 2014



Evolution is part of the essence of mankind. Over the centuries¸ we have witnessed how much progress was achieved mostly as a result of the necessity to solve particular problems. Thus we observe how every cycle of innovation ended with great discoveries. Now we are at the cusp of another giant leap – waiting for the turning point¸ trying to guess what next innovation is likely to happen in the next decade.

During modern times we note how evolution is inexorably linked with digital technology¸ especially computers¸ and yet although it uses related technological devices every day¸ so far mankind does not seem ready to embrace this reality.

Humanity is filled with paradox. We can use a computer daily cannot accept the fact that this tool is the modern “supplement of soul” that Bergson was talking about. Hopefully Mother nature is well balanced and women in business are still here to save the situation¸ as it is well illustrated in the Torah¸ the very book that is to be linked with the most promising country concerning technology: Israel.

It is not an isolated case¸ as Madame Fleur Pellerin (ex-French Minister of the Digital and SME department) showered praise on computer science and programming¸ while learning the rudiments of the core language used for iPhone/iPad (Objective-C). Here in Malta¸ it is gratifying to notice that a woman has been chosen as President. In my opinion this symbolism can be linked with the ambitious project called “Digital Malta” and how its ICT vision can morph on this island.

Information is the key¸ and Malta knows it. Quoting Louis Armand¸ “a democracy is especially solid that it can stand a large volume of information of good quality”. Back on the subject of the “Digital Malta” program¸ one can read how such a small island tries to illustrate its grand and ambitious vision. Computer sciences might be young but the management of information is an old philosophy that carries a lot of benefits to those who pay attention.

Technology is another proof of the paradoxical character called “man”. Indeed¸ in an over-connected world where it is easy to get information and to communicate with others¸ digital networks seem to isolate people from each other and to cause them to become indifferent of many things around them. Information is valuable¸ but its philosophical value is intertwined to the presence of Man as the old adage says – its value is possible thanks to human interactions.

Over the past years since the onset of recession we note how financial markets and the inevitable crisis that followed are for sure the greatest witnesses of this fatality. Back to the theme of innovation and one can console himself that the unbridled power of Cloud computing and its vast networking proneness represents another opportunity for mankind to evolve¸ to open its mind¸ and accelerate creativity.

We have all heard success stories linked to Facebook or Google. It is a paradigm shift in tech