The Cost of Central Clearing – Liquidity Impact for the Buy Side

Source:  Incisivetraining

Downtown Conference Center
157 William Street
New York

The mandatory clearing of certain OTC derivatives through a central counterparty signals a fundamental change to the way trades are executed. There has been much discussion surrounding this regulation and its effect on clearing members and central counterparties¸ but where do buy side firms fit into this new economic landscape?

Risk Magazine has designed a seminar that will address the cost implications of central clearing to buy side firms. The cost of central clearing: assessing the liquidity impact of central clearing for the buy side is taking place in New York on Tuesday 20 March 2012.

This one day training course has been designed specifically to address the cost implications of central clearing for buy side firms. This event offers an opportunity to openly discuss central clearing with industry specialists and expert speakers¸ and consider how it will affect collateral management¸ what operational costs are involved in clearing through a central counterparty and how to develop an efficient regime for posting margin.

This event offers an opportunity to openly discuss central clearing with the following industry specialists and expert speakers:

  • Byron Baldwin¸ Senior Vice President¸ Eurex 
  • James Cawley¸ CEO¸ Javelin Capital Markets
  • Samuel Ely¸ Principal Consultant¸ CAPCO
  • Ronald Filler¸ Former Managing Director Lehman Brothers and Director¸ NY Law School
  • Atanas Goranov¸ Managing Director¸ Derivatives Risk Officer¸ Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
  • Jeffrey Gore¸ Managing Director¸ Head of Client Clearing¸ Wells Fargo
  • Steve Mahoney¸ Managing Director¸ Credit Suisse
  • Mariam Rafi¸ North American Head of OTC Clearing¸ Citi
  • Jennifer C. Peve¸ Director¸ OTC Product Management¸ CME Group 
  • Kevin Samborn¸ Vice President¸ Valuation and Risk Analytics¸ Sapient Global Markets


Specific sessions to be covered include:

  • An evaluation of the regulatory environment
  • Collateral management for the buy side
  • Developing an efficient margining regime
  • Advice for the end user: which CCP platform should you use?
  • Operational costs for the buy side
  • The effectiveness of central counterparties

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