The 2nd IFRS Taxonomy Annual Convention 2012


IFRS Taxonomy Annual Convention: London

The 2012 convention will feature influential Keynote speakers from the international financial reporting¸ XBRL and regulatory communities who examine the implementation of IFRS with XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language).

Representatives in 2011 included international government agencies¸ financial institutions¸ and other key projects and organisations¸ including the IASB¸ the IFRS Foundation and XBRL International.

The audience was drawn from a diverse group of stakeholders involved in IFRS and XBRL reporting around the world¸ namely:

• Preparers of IFRS financial information
• Users¸ including analysts and data providers of financial information
• Regulators and supervisors from: Europe¸ Asia-Pacific¸ the U.S.

What was covered at IFRS Taxonomy Annual Convention 2011?

The convention provided a unique mix of both strategy and implementation advice in 3 distinct areas and formats:

    High-level presentations offering strategic insight¸ together with planning
    guidelines and implementation time-frames.

    Practical sessions & focused roundtables designed to help with:
    •  Understanding XBRL
    •  Applying IFRS and XBRL to financial statements
    •  Analysing IFRS financial statements from XBRL data
    •  Understanding XBRL regulatory requirements for IFRS filers
       and how to meet these requirements
    •  Preparing IFRS and XBRL implementation plans

    Featuring a range of service providers¸ including interactive demonstrations
    of software tools for:
    •  XBRL tagging
    •  XBRL conversion
    •  instance document creation and review
    •  taxonomy creation & exploration
    •  and other XBRL solutions

Key IFRS Taxonomy Annual Convention 2011 speakers included:

•    Hans Hoogervorst¸ Chairman of the Technical Committee¸ IOSCO

•    Nadia Calvino¸ Deputy Director General¸ Internal Markets¸ European Commission

•    James L. Kroeker¸ Chief Accountant¸ United States Securities & Exchange

•    Madam Ying Wei¸ Deputy Director-General¸ Accounting Regulatory Department¸ Ministry of Finance

     (People’s Republic of China)

•    Stephen Cooper¸ Member¸ International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)

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