The 27th Annual Transcontinental Trusts 2012


This year the conference focuses on 5 key themes:

  • Key Issues Facing Trusts & Trustees  
  • Focus on Trust Companies 
  • Focus on Switzerland  
  • Jurisdictional Overview – Your Practical Structures for the UK¸ France¸ Asia¸ Latin America & Africa 
  • Small IFC’s in the Spotlight  read more

TransTrusts Forecasts the Offshore World because:

  • It is the Oldest Trusts Event in Europe – Now in its 27th Year!
  • It has Over 200+ Attendees 
    from 10 Offshore Jurisdictions attended in 2011 alone
  • 30+ Speakers
    including Justice David Hayton and for the first time the OECD
  • 8 Separate Breakfast Briefings
    with topics ranging from Asset Protection to Residence & Citizenship

Malta will be represented on the day discussing IFCs & the EU: Inside Europe/ Outside Europe
What does it mean to be a Tax Neutral Platform in Europe? 

For more information see the latest Transcontinental Trusts 2012 Conference Agenda today.