The 1st Annual Conference on Offshore Financing Companies for International Groups


IBC’s conference on Offshore Financing Companies for International Groups brings together a number of authoritative international tax advisers to brief you on the opportunities afforded by the UK FCPE as well as provide strategic information on:

• Debt cap planning
• European and non-European finance companies
• Transfer pricing and intra-group financing
• Anti-arbitrage rules
• The combined financing and treasury company and much more…

Attend this one-stop event to…

  • Take advantage of the new CFC rules for foreign finance companies & understand the opportunities under the new FCPE
  • Clear the way by addressing your debt cap issues
  • Plan around the anti-arbitrage rules & conduit financing rules
  • Focus on likely locations for your European finance company
  • Discover the benefits of using finance companies involving non-European jurisdictions
  • Consider using  foreign finance companies in US Groups
  • Combine financing and treasury companies
  • Apply transfer pricing to intra-group Financing

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