The 18th World Offshore Convention 2011

Source: Offshore Investment
The Ritz-Carlton¸ San Juan¸ Puerto Rico

The rising population of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and their accumulative wealth has created free capital flow on an international scale. Resurgence from economic downturn has marked the arrival of new global players. Now is the time for boutique jurisdictions to define their role as essential conduits¸ facilitating more effective and productive economic activity¸ which will ultimately be a successful driver to the future of the global economy.

The 18th World Offshore Convention reveals how offshore financial centres can embrace this new era of regulation¸ transparency and compliance and offer innovative solutions and techniques for modern day wealth management and international business advisors. Observing the changing needs of the new age client¸ creative strategies and techniques will be uncovered to arm the practitioner with the essential tools to flourish¸ where others will inevitably fail¸ in this period of global transition.


  • Chairman: F. Ronald Jenkins Jr. Meridian 361¸ International Law Group¸ PLLC¸ London¸ UK  
  • Shawn P. Wolf Packman Neuwahl & Rosenberg¸ Florida¸ USA 
  • Howard S. Fisher Law Offices of Howard S. Fisher¸ California¸ USA  
  • Richard J. Alan Cahan Becker & Poliakoff¸ Florida¸ USA 
  • Andrew De La Rosa ICT Chambers¸ Cayman & London 
    Shân Warnock-Smith ICT Chambers¸ Cayman & London  
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