Tackling Unemployment in Europe through Social Inclusion and Training Programmes

Source: CSR Europe


The Silken Berlaymont Hotel

Brussels¸ Belgium





Within the context of the European Employment Strategy¸ there are a number of measures that are designed to help encourage people to remain in work or find a new job¸ including: the promotion of a life-cycle to work¸ life-long learning¸ improving support for those seeking a job¸ as well as ensuring equal opportunities.

In line with the Europe 2020 Strategy¸ the European Employment Strategy seeks to create more and better jobs throughout the EU. The strategy provides a framework for EU countries to share information¸ discuss issues and coordinate their employment policies.

Delegates will:

  • Explore how to enhance the role of the EU in reducing unemployment and boosting cohesion within member states
  • Discuss market driven-skills and successful training modules for social inclusion in Europe
  • Analyse ways to facilitate economic growth by fostering social protection
  • Share best practices in social economy through intertwining innovation¸ social value and employment


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Image source: Kovet