Survey Department – PKF Malta

Source: Annmarie Mangion¸ PKF Malta

Date: 5th July¸ 2013


PKF Malta is looking into opening up another department and specializes in Surveys¸ in order to ease and meet their client needs while targeting other potential clients. Research is being done and employees are dedicating time to conduct various pilot studies. These past three days¸ trails were being conducted at our capital city¸ Valletta¸ in order to obtain information regarding tourist characteristics as well as tourist’s perception of the touristic facilities offered.

The pilot survey was conducted to assert whether the set questions were understandable and whether they lead to the desired answers. The data obtained was inputted into computer software for statistical analysis. The pilot study was reviewed daily in order to correct any potential errors or any other adjustments brought up through respondent’s feedback.

With the help of relevant statistical techniques information was extracted in order to improve the survey itself. After having performed the data analysis¸ the results obtained were interpreted and conclusions were drawn based on these interpretations.

This market research via different pilot studies is an on-going process and as days goes by surveys will start building up to be stronger leading to the desired and more accurate results which are going to be available here on Tune Malta.

We will update you with more news and information with regards to such surveys soon enough.

Stay Tuned!

Day 1: Interviewing tourists in Valletta Day 2: Interviewing tourists in Valletta