Supervision and Regulation of Internet Gambling in Germany and Europe


Gaming in GermanyNumerous rumours exist regarding the security and resources of online gambling offers. It is almost impossible for the German Lander to refer to their own experiences that relate to online gambling. Such offers are presently prohibited. The upcoming reform of gaming law which looks for a new interstate treaty on gaming cannot neglect the important growth in this field. There is an online gambling market in Germany¸ although it lacks legal basis. It constitutes¸ however¸ a billion euro business which is uncontrolled and untaxed¸ mostly dominated by foreign providers. According to estimations¸ hundreds of thousands¸ if not millions¸ of Germans participate in online gambling every day.

Reliable information from competent and trustworthy sources is what the policymakers need.

The expert conference’s goal is to provide this information. It is not public; only an invited circle of policymakers and ministry officials that deal with gambling supervision and regulation are invited to participate. The information and experiences on a European level that this conference provides focuses on the high level of these participants.

European countries such as France¸ Great Britain and Italy legalised existing online gambling offers for private providers. Denmark¸ Greece¸ the Netherlands and Spain are presently opening the online gambling market. These countries were faced with the same problems as Germany before the decision was made to open the market. At the conference¸ the leading gambling experts and representatives of regulation authorities of these countries will talk about their systems¸ explain the advantages and disadvantages of their regulations and answer questions from the German participants. They will describe their taxation of online gambling¸ present their systems and describe their experiences.

Further¸ a leading representative of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission¸ the license and control system of which is regarded internationally as the highest level¸ will describe practiced and efficient licensing and controlling of online gambling. The European Commission is focused on the present German gambling situation. The guest speaker of the European Commission¸ Jean Bergevin¸ Head of Unit¸ DG MARKT E2¸ will describe the European point of view.

Prospective online gambling providers will not have access to this conference. Only the few experts of technologies which grant and control maximum security and transparency of online gambling¸ whose companies or establishments can provide first-hand knowledge¸ will be invited as speakers. The latest software development will be presented regarding the protection and exclusion of minors or gamblers who are in danger of addiction¸ software development enabling safe execution and verification of payment transactions and the present software showing supervision and avoidance of money laundering¸ fraud and manipulation. The speakers will talk about their experiences with these systems in their countries.

Globally appointed business analysts who have analysed the online gambling market worldwide will evaluate the resources in this field in Germany.

The conference’s goal is to provide every participant with a detailed insight into the present developments and experiences in online gambling. It also aims to provide a resistant decision basis if they have to decide on trendsetting legislation. How they decide at the end is up to them; how