Striking the balance: Maximizing Customer Acquisition – Managing Fraud Risk (both sides of the Atlantic!)

Source: iGaming Business

“60% of Board Directors view identity fraud as a serious threat”
– 41% believe their current process still allows fraud to take place
– 53% believe their current processes turn away genuine customers
– 92% report the detection of fraud across their service channels¸ primarily online (68%) 

Join us for a 1 hour webinar where we will be discussing how effectively gaming companies are managing the ID and age verification process whilst creating a smooth journey for the customer. 

Case Study: William Hill Online
We will also be introducing what Experian have to offer for the emerging US market & we will be explaining the current diverse range of data assets we have & how they can help prove identity & consumer intelligence.

This part of the webinar aims to help the operator understand how a risk-based approach to authentication can apply to the US gaming market and why such an approach delivers high return on investment through the preservation of your customer experience¸ reduction in operational treatment costs¸ and the minimization of fraud losses. 

Experian Identity for Gaming work with gaming organizations to help find the balance – providing age and identity verification solutions to pass the maximum number of applicants first time round whilst managing fraud risk and compliance.

Source: iGaming Business