Sparkasse Bank Malta plc

Our goal is to deliver highly personalised banking and innovative investment solutions backed by experience¸ competence and robust support services. Sparkasse Bank Malta plc has built its reputation on understanding the needs of individuals¸ whatever their walk of life¸ developing relationships and responding to them effectively and discreetly. We believe in relationships – both with our clients as well as with our institutional partners.



We offer a range of multi-currency products and services specifically designed to meet the wide and varying needs of our clients.

Our comprehensive banking services include a current account and a wide range of savings accounts¸ from instant access through to six month term deposit and longer. Credit cards are also provided.

In addition¸ our banking expertise may help improve tax eficiency and enhance returns on cash assets¸ through products such as Liquidity Management¸ Cash Funds and Fiduciary Deposits.

Multiple currency international payment modules are also available to corporate customers requiring frequent and multiple payments.