Spanish Government publishes complete list of licensed operators as at 15.6.2012


On June 5¸ 2012 Spain started granting licenses to online gaming operators who met the conditions laid down in Law 13/2011 of its gaming regulation.

Since then¸ participating in gambling¸ roulette¸ bingo and poker gambling  is done with the assurance that gambling is regulated¸ supervised and controlled by the General Directorate of the Game¸ which ensures that the game is fair¸ legal operators are reliable and meet all solvency requirements established by law.

The logo “Play Safe available on these sites also gives a sense of assurance.

The following is a list of licensed operations published by the Spanish Government published as at 15.6.2012:

888 Spain¸ PLC
Kambi Spain¸ PLC
Antena 3 Juegos¸ SAU
Ladbrokes International¸ PLC
Apuesta Ganador Online¸ SA
Luckia Games¸ SA
Banegras Unión¸ SA
Money Factory¸ SA
Betfair International¸ PLC
Ongame Markets Malta¸ PLC
Bingosoft¸ SAU
Pady Power Europe¸ PLC
Bluesblock¸ SA
Paf-Consulting¸ ABP
Carousel Game¸ SA
Première Megaplex¸ SA
Casino Barcelona Interactivo¸ SA
Prima Networks Spain¸ PLC
Casinos Ocio Online¸ SA
Pt Entretenimiento Online¸ EAD
Cirsa Digital¸ SAU
Rank Malta Operations¸ PLC
Codere Online¸ SAU
Reel Spain¸ PLC
Comar Inversiones¸ SA
Sileuta¸ PLC
Desarrollo Online Juegos Regulados¸ SA
Sociedad Estatal Loterías¸ (Selae)
Digital Distribution Management Ibérica¸ SA
Spread Your Wings Spain¸ PLC
Ebingo Online España¸ SA
Suertia Interactiva¸ SA
Electraworks¸ PLC
Tele Apostuak¸ SA
Esgaming¸ SAU
Tómbola International¸ PLC
Eurojuego Star¸ SA
Trade4win¸ SA
G2 Gaming Spain¸ SA
Unidad Editorial Juegos¸ SA
Gamesys Spain¸ PLC
Ventura24games¸ SA
Giga Game Online¸ SA
Vive La Suerte¸ SA
Golden Park Games¸ SA
Whg Spain¸ PLC
Hillside España Leisure¸ SA
Winga Spain¸ SA
Hillside Spain New Media¸ PLC
World Premium Gaming¸ SA<br