SES Conference & Expo London 2013

SES London is the only European forum where savvy digital marketers should be seen but just so you know what to expect from Europe’s leading digital marketing event¸ we have published a sneak preview of the conference agenda for you to review.

View the pre-agenda here

As usual it is bursting with the information you need to set your digital agenda for 2013 and will include¸ but not be limited to:

• SEO 2013: What next?
• Web analytics deep dive
• How to optimise email engagement
• Big Data: What marketers need to know
• Keyword modelling analysis
• How to construct a successful integrated marketing campaign
• The convergence of search¸ social and content Marketing
• Optimising conversion from strategy to execution
• Winning link building strategies
• Mobile marketing optimisation
• Effective paid search tactics

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By attending SES London 2013¸ you will learn winning strategies from leading practitioners in the field¸ understand pitfalls to avoid in your digital marketing campaigns and h