Retail Price Index: February 2011

Source: External Cooperation and Communication Unit¸ National Statistics Office¸ Malta

In February¸ the Retail Price Index edged down by 0.07 per cent. This primarily reflected a drop of 1.00 per cent in the Food Index¸ mainly due to a seasonal fall in the prices of vegetables. Cheaper airfares caused the Transport and Communication Index to go down by 0.91 per cent. The Beverages and Tobacco Index registered a drop of 0.10 per cent¸ mainly on account of a drop in the prices of alcoholic beverages.  Higher seasonal prices in garments underlay an increase of 4.01 per cent in the Clothing and Footwear Index. An upward movement in funeral service fees caused the Other Goods and Services Index to increase by 0.72 per cent.

A rise of 0.53 per cent was recorded in the Personal Care and Health Index¸ mainly on account of higher prices for medical services. Higher prices of flowers were reflected in a 0.29 per cent increase in the Recreation and Culture Index. The Housing Index edged up by 0.25 per cent as a result of costlier materials used for the maintenance of dwellings.

In February¸ the twelve-month moving average rate of inflation stood at 1.79 per cent¸ whereas the annual rate stood at 2.27 per cent¸ as shown in Table 4.  Read more.