Promoting Malta in Ukraine

Source: PKF Malta

Bosco Conference is proud to present its famous annual conference INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE SOLUTIONS (ICS) to be held at the prestigious Shakhtar Plaza Hotel inUkraine on the 26th April 2012.  Held bi-annually¸ the ICS is an independent tax planning event where different opinions of tax consultants are represented. The conference is attended by participants from Ukraine¸ Russia¸ Lithuania¸ Latvia¸ Estonia¸ Cyprus¸ UK¸ Austria¸ Liechtenstein¸ Luxemburg¸ Seychelles¸ U.A.E.¸ Netherlands¸ Switzerland and Malta. Traditionally¸ speakers of Bosco Conference events are the leading consultants in the sphere of corporate and tax law¸ with the best reputation.   This year the event will be attended by over 200 delegates from 20 jurisdictions including professionals in international tax planning and corporate scheme building¸ advisers¸ auditors and bankers from EU¸ Asia and the Middle East.

 This event is the ideal place to gain the crucial business intelligence needed to maximise the effectiveness of internatioanl corporate solutions. Among a list of speakers we find Igors Moisejenko¸ Head of Trust Operations¸ ABLV Bank¸ Latvia focusing on Fiduciary Transactions and Investment Protection.  Roland Rompelberg¸ Founding Partner¸ Maprima Corporate Services shall be covering the Netherlands and Luxembourg¸ whilst Peter-Michael Schuster¸ General Manager¸ RAK Offshore will be promoting the UAE.

 Speakers at the seminar shall update the delegates with the latest international tax developments and recent amendments in tax legislation comparing each country in detail.  Kirill Tkachev¸ Senior Lawyer¸ Audina Treuhand AG in Liechtenstein shall be highlighting the credible instruments available for asset protection and international tax planning.

George Mangion¸ Senior Partner PKF Malta will be actively participating as a speaker delivering a presentation that will focus on Malta’s unique holding company tax structures and may attract attention from practitioners hailing fromCyprus¸ Russia¸ Denmark¸ Switzerland¸ Ukraine and some Asian countries.   The presentation will consist of a virtual tour promoting Malta as a high profile business centre backed by economic and political stability¸ an adaptable regulatory framework¸ excellent telecommunication facilities¸ a high standard of professional services and an excellent education system training a number of experts at various levels from private banking to tax planning.   

While some‘offshore’ jurisdictions may offer a tax free location¸ these are of little benefit for most multinational companies as governments introduce new rules to nullify the benefits of these‘tax havens’.Malta instead offers a legitimate alternative to‘tax havens’ by providing an‘onshore’ jurisdiction with a low tax rate¸ and the human and technical resources required to be able to provide the necessary economic substance.

These advantages putMalta in a competitive position. Malta’s introduction of income tax exemption schemes such as the ‘Royalties Scheme’ encourages and assists innovative research and development resulting in further registration of