PKF – marking 25 years of growth

Source: Mr. G. M. Mangion¸ PKF Malta

As published in the Malta Today on Wednesday the 19th of June 2013


The audit and business advisory firm PKF recently hosted an anniversary event for clients at the Cavalieri Hotel’s panoramic suite¸ under the banner of: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap¸ but by the seeds you plant.”

PKF has four active partners who share their work experiences in various audit assignments¸ conducted both locally and abroad. At a time of a noticeable economic slowdown across Europe one may question the financial cost of a statutory audit. This may be seen as an unnecessary burden¸ yet the value of an audit is to enhance the degree of confidence of intended users in the financial markets by the preparation of audited financial statements certified as true and fair. This is achieved by the expression of an opinion by the independent auditor on whether the financial statements are prepared¸ in all material in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework¸ either International Financial Reporting Standards as adopted by the European Union or with the Accountancy Profession (General Accounting Principles for Smaller Entities) Regulations¸ 2009.

It is in this context that PKF is proud to celebrate its 25 th anniversary and takes time to reflect on its steady growth to become a leader in audit¸ accounting¸ tax and business advisory services. The firm brings together the global expertise of PKF International ‘s independent members located in more than 200 countries all of which are highly regarded¸ professional and reputable firms in their own local markets.Today¸ the firm is providing accounting¸ tax¸ audit and business advisory services to meet the needs of middle-market companies and their principals but also expanded its horizons in international arena where in the past years it provided financial services¸ cross-border tax solutions ¸ mergers and acquisitions¸ remote gaming and captive insurance  services.

“Our business model is based on each partner’s commitment to deliver high quality business advice to our clients with a personal touch¸” said Donna Greaves Bonello an audit partner. “We all enjoy what we do¸ and that attitude tends to be infectious with our staff.” Working at PKF¸ staff are trained by getting involved in enterprise operations at all stages – from their incorporation¸ throughout their business operation and even at the final stages of an enterprise’s existence. Also¸ partners coach management of client companies to comprehend changes in local and international tax structures and how best to align their tax profile to achieve optimum business results.

Within the area of international tax¸ it is the aim of any organisation to align global effective tax rate reduction and efficient global cash utilisation with overall business strategy.  PKF helped multinational clients integrate tax planning into their overall business strategy and comply with both local and international regulatory requirements¸ whether a company is engaged in a merger or acquisition¸ maintaining compliance with multi-jurisdictional business transactions¸ or streamlining mu