PKF Malta – Staff Development

Source: PKF Malta¸ 20th November 2012

PKF Malta would like to congratulate Ms Donna Greaves Bonello¸ Audit Partner PKF Malta¸ on successfully completing her studies after presenting an ADIT thesis entitled “Corporate Tax Harmonisation within the European Union”. A graduation ceremony to celebrate this special achievement will take place on Tuesday 20th November 2012 at the prestigious Draper’s Hall in London¸ UK.

The President of the UK Chartered Institute of Taxation will be presenting Ms Greaves Bonello with her Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) Certificate.  This is a specialist advanced qualification in international and cross border taxation and holds a global benchmark of quality and international tax expertise. 

Thanks to this qualification Ms Greaves Bonello has joined a global network of ADIT specialists in over 70 different countries that will assist her with providing PKF Malta’s clients with a clear understanding of the principals of International tax.

Picture source: Donna G Bonello