PKF Malta 25th anniversary!

PKF is proud to celebrate its 25 th anniversary and takes time to reflect on its steady growth to become a leader in audit¸ accounting¸ tax and business advisory services. The firm brings together the global expertise of PKF International ‘s independent members located in more than 200 countries all of which are highly regarded¸ professional and reputable firms in their own local markets. Today¸ the firm is providing accounting¸ tax¸ audit and business advisory services to meet the needs of middle-market companies and their principals but also expanded its horizons in international arena where in the past years it provided financial services¸ cross-border tax solutions¸ mergers and acquisitions¸ remote gaming and captive insurance  services.

Twenty Five years ago PKF Malta had a vision to be a different kind of financial advisory firm. A firm that would provide superior hands-on client service¸ with a fun culture¸ respecting work-life balance.

Over the past 25 years¸ the firm has exapnded to become one of the top local accounting firms backed by highly reputable International brand.

This month we celebrate the 25th anniversary of OUR company.

Thank you all who contributed to this success!

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