PKF launches The BITPOD-an Innovation marvel.

Author: Dr. Marilyn Formosa
Published on: The Commercial Courier


The BITPOD, which will function as a quasi-lab, will comprise a live project dedicated to fuelling research and development with a special accent on the emerging fusion between technology and the financial world as we know it.

It goes without saying that distributed ledger technology and virtual financial assets will play an important role in the experiment which promises a publication by the end of the year to be made available to the public in a compilation of the findings, observations, conclusions and results.

Complimentary to the BITPOD will be the BITBLOCK Sessions which will present a series of ad hoc working sessions in a casual format, once again aimed at provoking thought, ideas and novel discussion with local as well as international patronage.

The importance of honing and harvesting research and development locally, and attracting the same from the international forum, cannot be stressed enough, especially in light of our national ambition to service a centre of excellence, within the advancing realms of robotics, AI and all forms of revolutionary living.

As a nation we certainly have the intention and now we are also armed with the legislation, but we still have a long way to go before we can confidently say that we have secured the coveted working ecosystem.

We commend the good work and investment being done by Government and encourage the private sector, to like ourselves, follow suit on this remarkable journey that promises to make its mark an indelible one.

Dr Marilyn Formosa
Head of Legal – PKF Malta

BitPod Centre
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