Permanent Establishment Mastercourse

This year’s Permanent Establishment Mastercourse is designed to bring you up-to-date on the latest developments in this increasingly complex area.

The course brings together experts in the international tax field from the legal profession¸ banking & accounting and offers the most cutting-edge view in a round table format

This interactive training course will give you the opportunity to explore:

  • l OECD consultation on the meaning of permanent establishment
  • l Definition of permanent establishment in UK domestic law and tax treaties
  • l The latest thinking in attribution of profits to permanent establishments
  • l Exemption for foreign PE profits
  • l Permanent establishments and EU law
  • l Double tax relief and branch exemptions
  • l VAT – No Place to Hide? Establishment and the place of supply of international services¸ B2B and B2C service

PLUS! The latest case law including:

  • l Dell Products (Europe) BV NEW
  • l Airlines Rotables Limited¸ UK


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See the full program here: Permanent Establishment Mastercourse

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