World Online Gambling Law Report

World Online Gambling Law Report is one of six legal journals published by Cecile Park Publishing. Launched in 2002¸ World Online Gambling Law Report is an indispensable supply of the most up to date legal and regulatory information on matters such as advertising¸ online payments¸ money laundering¸ security and data protection to name but a few. Written and edited by leading experts in both the law and practice of online gambling¸ offering unrivalled international experience and insight in this complex industry.

World Online Gambling Law Report provides informed analysis on recent legal developments¸ case law¸ policy decisions and potential future developments. It is international¸ wide-ranging and authoritative¸ which means that you can keep in touch with developments on a global scale and offer the most beneficial advice to your clients¸ keeping their businesses both profitable and legal. Why risk business success when you can operate profitably and legally?

Cecile Park Publishing started in 1999 with the launch of a breakthrough print and online journal¸ E-Commerce Law & Policy. We now publish a range of journals offering timely reporting and authoritative legal guidance on key growth areas.

Adept at identifying emerging business sectors with unique legal issues¸ our publications now include:

  • E-Commerce Law & Policy
  • World Sports Law Report
  • E-Commerce Law Reports
  • World Online Gambling Report
  • E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy and;
  • Data Protection Law & Policy

World Onling Gambling Law Report

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