Rentastore Malta Ltd

Rentastore are leaders in the document and data management industry in Malta¸ providing end-to-end secure document and data management services to leading organizations in both public and private sectors. Our success comes from our solid business background and is built upon an international reputation for service quality¸ security and above all commitment to our customers. At our centrally located¸ dedicated record management facility in Marsa¸ Malta¸ Rentastore is proud to offer client organizations a fully inclusive one stop digital record¸ boxed document and record management services that include:

•    Supply of secure printed tamper proof archive boxes
•    On site bar-coding and online tracking linked to a centralized database
•    Boxed document collection¸ archiving
•    Same day file retrieval and delivery
•    Digital scanning for paper records
•    Wide format digitalization
•    Document management and archiving
•    In-house end of life shredding and recycling solutions


Contact Information:
Claudette Pace
Office: 187 | Pinto House | Wine Pressers Wharf | Marsa | MRS 1912 | Malta
Tel:        +356 2124 3777
Mobile:   +356 7922 7275
Fax:       +356 2122 7257