iGaming Counsel

At iGaming Counsel¸ we’re dedicated to the legal¸ regulatory and business needs of the online gaming community¸ drawing on our industry experience and legal expertise to deliver a comprehensive¸ commercial and cost effective advisory service for our clients.

We understand the online gaming business and recognise the global challenges that operating within this legally complex and fast paced industry presents. Utilising our wide ranging¸ in-depth knowledge acquired over many years working for global leaders in both the legal and online gaming professions¸ iGaming Counsel can help you maintain a competitive edge and achieve long term success in one of the most dynamic¸ challenging and fiercely competitive industries worldwide.

Whether you’re an operator or technology provider¸ a start-up or an established business¸ iGaming Counsel can offer a broad range of legal¸ regulatory and commercial solutions tailored to your needs.

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Tel: +44(0) 7791 001 029
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