First Atlantic Commerce

First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) is a leading¸ international online payments¸ and fraud and data management solutions provider.  Headquartered in Bermuda¸ a leading financial¸ insurance and reinsurance centre¸ and founded in 1998¸ FAC provides multi-currency¸ payment processing and risk management solutions for Internet merchants and Acquiring banks around the world.

FAC securely processes millions of US Dollars¸ Euros and Pounds in credit card volumes¸ with over a million transactions per month.  We provide online payment gateway services and standalone¸ online fraud management services including Verified by Visa and MasterCard®SecureCode™¸ to various banks¸ servicing clients in multiple jurisdictions.

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Contact Information:
Address: Thistle House | 2nd Floor | 4 Burnaby Street | Hamilton | HM 11 | Bermuda
Tel: +441 296 5598
Tel: +441 294 4622
Fax: +441 295 6855
Fax: +441 295 6708