CRC Credit Bureau LTD

CRC Credit Bureau Limited is a private limited company incorporated in June 2006. The Bureau was licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in June 2009 and commenced live operations in the same month.

CRC Credit Bureau provides an industry-wide information repository on credit profiles of both consumers and corporate entities. We are the leading credit bureau company in Nigeria with credit information of covering commercial banks¸ non-banking institutions¸ retailers and utility providers and other credit granting institutions.

Our main objective is to generate and supply reliable and accurate credit information reports on borrowers in the consumer and corporate sectors and its subsidiaries for permissible purposes only.

We serve as a neutral third party service provider to our customers and subscribers.


Products and services

Presently Short / Medium term

 CRC Credit Information Reports

-CRCBasic Credit Information Report

-CRC Classic Credit Information Report

For both: Consumers(Individuals)¸Small Businesses and Corporate

Fraud Detection

-File Cross-referencing

-Fraud scoring

-Fraud Detection systemsSelf EnquiryCredit Information VerificationBulk Portfolio RequestCredit ScoringCredit Risk Report & Review (Referencing)Batch ScreeningData managementMonitors & AlertsCRC Financial Education Centre

Contact Us:

Peggy Chukwuma-Nwosu

Head of Sales and Marketing



Telephone: 01-6283901.