Corporate Live Wire

Corporate LiveWire provides business professionals and individuals in the corporate finance sector with information on the latest news and developments from around the globe. The resource offers regular up to date content on an array of subject areas such as corporate transactions¸ international markets¸ business strategy and changes in legislation.

A wide range of companies and global experts are involved in analysing the issues which are timely and relevant in today’s world.

Corporate LiveWire also incorporates a unique deal section looking at transactions happening around the world every day. Companies involved in mergers¸ acquisitions¸ IPO’s¸ MBO’s and raising finance are explored in detail. A range of transactions are covered from small local mergers to headline cross border acquisitions. The section also reflects on the effect these deals will have on the sector and the wider corporate economy.

With daily updates¸ leading affiliations and a team of journalists exploring every region¸ we aim to be the number one resource for news and developments across the corporate and business community.

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