Newsletter January 02/2012

   11 January 2012


Welcome to our TuneMalta Newsletter!

Dear TuneMalta  Reader¸

2012 is finally here.  What are your plans for making a success of this year? How will you protect yourself from the instability that will continue to plague the markets?  Will the EU actually collapse?  How much further will the dollar sink?

There is no straight and plain answer to these questions however believe it or not underneath the hustle and bustle of these confusing times¸ there are ‘silent’ profit machines traveling at high speed right now.

We have put our researchers and analysts to task¸ asking them to spot these opportunities and make them available to you on  Read on to get a peek of this valuable information…

Hot Topics:

  • From online gaming market: New UK Online Gambling Tax could foster “grey” markets
  • From European Union: The European Commission Proposals
  • From Finance: Goulash lovers seek second IMF rescue

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