Focusing on the Asian Market

Focus on Asia

Over the past 30 years¸ major economies in Asia have seen impressive economic growth. This has lifted millions out of poverty and created huge new markets for domestic consumption. According to the Asian Development Bank¸ the region’s per capita income could increase six times in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms between now and 2050 reaching levels that are similar to those in Europe today.

As Asia’s economic importance has grown¸ so has the attention to the structure and health of that economy.

This section is all about researches and articles written in English focusing on the financial and business side of the Asian Economy. Articles in the section are vast¸ ranging from the latest tax agreements between Malta and China to Europe’s debt crisis and its implications for the Asian market. Mainly this section provides valuable information about the Chinese economy and for potential investors who are willing to do business within the Asian markets.


Research & Articles from Asia: