Mobile Marketing With QR Codes and MS Tags

Source: Social Media Examiner

Consumer behaviors are changing¸ and mobile technologies are among the predominant influences affecting the shift.

More than 50% of all local web searches take place with mobile devices.

That spells opportunity for businesses that have a mobile marketing strategy.

Does your business have a mobile strategy?

Why QR codes/MS tags?

Success with mobile marketing starts with understanding your customers and then implementing an appropriate strategy. Although some marketers are known to embrace new technologies without first considering their full impact on the consumer.

This has proved to be true with QR codes.  Notwithstanding the buzz surrounding QR codes’ ineffective applications have chilled some of the enthusiasm for their use as mobile marketing triggers. To help solve this problem¸ technology giant Microsoft¸ creators of the MS tag technology that competes with QR¸ has stepped forward.

Microsoft realizes QR codes and MS tags¸ in addition to other technologies¸ all serve distinct purposes. Collectively¸ they are an ecosystem of mobile triggers that offer choices for marketers and consumers alike. So the logical solution was to bring them together into one reliable platform.

The MS Tag Manager makes it easier for marketers to use QR¸ MS tag¸ and other mobile technologies not just to reach consumers¸ but also to brand the experience and gather rich data for delivering even more favorable experiences in the future.

To be more specific¸ you can now generate QR codes and MS tags with the Tag Manager¸ and also track a number of consumer actions associated with the use of those 2D codes. This is just the beginning¸ as there are plans to integrate additional mobile technologies¸ with the first being NFC—Near Field Communication¸ a technology used for digital payments and other secure mobile activities.

Needless to say¸ if you have not been considering mobile marketing¸ these developments may change your mind.

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