Meusac Newsletter 19th May 2012

Published by the

Malta-EU Steering & Action Committee

 Issue: 85                Date: May 19¸ 2012




  •  “Le changement c’est maintenant”Vanni Xuereb
  •   François Hollande: A firm commitment in favour of Europe
  •   European Commission forecasts slow economic recovery
  •   Securing EU funds through MEUSAC
  •   L-Ewropa fuq ir-Roti: Where is EU money going?
  •   “A resounding success”
  •   Fact Box: Structural Funds
  •   EU Funding: Preannouncement (European Social Fund / European Regional Development Fund)
  •   Kids’ Corner
  •   National Conference – G?awdex: G?ira Re?jun fl-Unjoni Ewropea (June 12¸ 2012)


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