Mario Petrov

1. Does the internship relate to your coursework?


Yes. I studying economics¸ so there are many relations like accounting and taxes. Also I made an apprenticeship in a bank¸ so there are also these relations.


2. Did your internship meet your expectations?


Yes. It is a way to improve my English and working skills.


3. What did you enjoy the most during your stay at PKF?


The freedom to work on things and topics with my own ideas.


4. How has the internship at PKF affected your career plan?


B2B work is now more attractive for me.


5. What’s your opinion about the working environment at PKF?


Very good. There are polite and helpfully colleagues.


6. Why would you recommend this placement to other students?


You can learn a lot how to write business articles and if they’re good they could be published on local newspapers. Amazing!


7. What’s your overall view about internship at PKF Malta?


It’s a good thing to improve business English and learn more about the Maltese view and the B2B relations.


8. Would you provide any suggestions/tips for future interns?

Live near to the office as public transport is very inefficient and time-consuming.