Malta… Smart Innovation

Source: MFSA

An independent supplement distributed in the Guardian newspaper UK covered the potential the Malta has to innovate for economic growth while preserving it’s rich heritage notwithstanding the geopolitical turbulence and eurozone debt problems.

It may be the smallest country in the EU¸ but Malta is by no means the smallest player on the international stage. Not only has it developed a vibrant banking and financial services sector¸ it is also one of the most important hubs in Europe for online gaming firms and it continues to build on its long history in the shipping industry.

That’s not bad for a country slightly smaller than the Isle of Wight¸ but there are some unique aspects to the island that have helped it to build up its reputation in these areas.  For one¸ their experience of almost continuous invasions over the centuries has made Maltese people nothing if not adaptable – the country only gained independence from Britain in 1964.

Its small size also means regulators and other key decision makers are very accessible; something that can make a big difference when firms are trying to understand the details of local regulations or lobby for changes to the rules.  These days Malta is part of a much bigger club¸ having joined the EU in 2004. According to senior business executives¸ that has brought multiple benefits to the country¸ opening up a vast market on its doorstep. The situation has been enhanced by the country’s membership of the euro since 2008.

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Picture Source: Today Zaman