Liberalisation of the Danish gaming market

Source: DELACOUR DANIA law company

On 20 September 2011¸ the European Commission accepted the Danish gaming legislation package¸ which has been adopted for the purpose of liberalising the Danish gaming market. The Commission thereby rejected the suggestion
of illegal state aid¸ and accepted that onlinebased and land-based casinos respectively are subject to different tax rates.
The approval by the European Commission entails that the overall gaming legislation package will come into force on 1 January 2012. In this newsletter¸ I will shortly describe some of the main points in the package. Furthermore¸ reference is made to our newsletters # 1 and # 2¸ which are available at Danish legislation The Danish gaming legislation is quite new¸ and hence many questions are currently unclarified. The Danish Gaming Authority has made a set of draft guidelines (in Danish)¸ and at it’s homepage (¸ it provides some answers to the many questions. There are¸ however¸ still several unanswered questions¸ but I am of the impression that the Gaming Authority
will be flexible in the initial phase¸ just as I am of the impression that the Gaming Authority will be obliging towards constructive proposals.

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