Language and lifestyle

The official languages are Maltese and English¸ with most Maltese being totally bilingual. English is used predominantly in business¸ education¸ entertainment and newspaper¸ while Maltese is more commonly used between family and friends¸ though most people easily switch between the two languages. Maltese is still the only Semitic language to be written in Latin script. Most Maltese have a good command of Italian while French and German are also widely spoken. Most business correspondence is in English¸ which makes Malta an attractive place to conduct business. An added benefit derived from the Maltese’ excellent command of English is that Malta has become one of the most popular destinations for foreigners to study English.


The Church plays an active role in most communities on the islands. This is reflected in the large number of churches to be funded in Malta; 365 in all- one for each day of the year. Most Maltese are Catholic¸ but other religious denominations are also represented. The influence of religion is also felt in the country’s traditions with each town and village celebrating their patron saint’s feast day with great pomp and gaiety. The food is mostly European¸ with a strong Italian influence and Maltese bread is renowned to be the best in the world.