Jakub Kledzik

1. Does the internship relate to your coursework?

Yes. In my opinion this internship is related to my coursework very well. 


2. Did your internship meet your expectations?

The answer can be the only one: Totally yes! Best work experience in my career so far! 


3. What did you enjoy the most during your stay at PKF?

There are many things which I enjoy during my stay at PKF Malta. Anyway¸ the most important for me is friendly atmosphere between all employees and interns. 


4. How has the internship at PKF affected your career plan?

This internship will be very significant part of my professional experience in my CV. I hope this opportunity to be here helps me to find interesting full time¸ well paid job easier in the future. 


5. What’s your opinion about the working environment at PKF?

My opinion about the working environment at PKF Malta is obviously positive. I have a pleasure to be a part of professional team¸ working on interesting projects in friendly atmosphere. In other words the working environment is calm also and you can concentrate very easy. 


6. Why would you recommend this placement to other students?

PKF Malta was recommended to me by my friend who was here a one year ago and now¸  when I am here¸ I am so grateful to him for that. Yes¸ I would recommend this placement to other students. I thing nowadays it is really important to get professional work background during studying and PKF Malta gives you perfect opportunity to do that. 


7. What’s your overall view about internship at PKF Malta?

My overall view about internship at this company is positive. I am spending my vacation time on Malta (beautiful island) and working in financial company. There is nothing more what I need in the end of my study time. 


8. Would you provide any suggestions/tips for future interns?

Simply: don’t hesitate! If you at any time think about going abroad¸ get job in finance area and live in place which looks like a paradise¸ I recommend PKF Malta!