Interested in Applying for a Gaming License in Malta?

In Malta¸ ICT is considered to be a pivotal activity. In fact in these last years there were major developments in e-commerce¸ m-Commerce and e-Government and the Maltese Government has invested heavily in the technology infrastructure and has built an e-Government framework rated by European Commission as the number one of all member states.

Competitive advantages for Malta in the ICT maintenance sector include:

  • Availability of specific skills in ICT where Malta is the regional training centre for Cisco¸ IBM¸ Microsoft and Oracle
  • Adaptation for Innovation is quick
  • Attractive cost structures and low social security costs for employers
  • Freedom of movement of labour and capital within the EU

It also enjoys a high standard of living and a financial services sector fully backed by paramount anti-money laundering standards. The Maltese regulator is the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) that acts as a single licensing and supervisory authority for all financial services activity.

Most importantly Malta Offers a number of tax incentives and these include:

  • Wide Double Taxation Treaty Network
  • Effective Corporate Tax after refunds of 5%
  • 0% withholding tax on outbound dividend payments
  • Domestic relief from double taxation
  • Participation exemption or full refund of tax
  • Dividends repatriated to EU Member States are not subject to tax due to Parent Subsidiary Directive
  • Exemption of stamp duty

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