Source: DOI¸ January 2012

The highlight of the Embassy’s activities for the current year is the assumption by Cyprus of the Council of the European Union in July. Participation in the relevant meetings¸ preparations for the high-level meetings as well as follow up of the Cypriot Presidency’s initiatives¸ would be given priority. The Embassy will remain engaged in direct contacts with the relevant Ministries in both Greece and Cyprus to ensure that the prevailing excellent bilateral relations with both countries will be further strengthened.

Notwithstanding the financial turbulence being currently experienced by Greece the Embassy will continue to explore possibilities of attracting Greek investments in different sectors. Towards this end¸ the Embassy will continue to retain close contacts with the maritime section within Transport Malta as well as with its consular network in Greece particularly in monitoring activities in the maritime sector. The Posidonia 2012 International Shipping Exhibition¸ which will be held in Piraeus and which will be preceded by the Posidonia Cup Yacht Race¸ is expected to be the highlight of this year’s maritime activities. The Embassy will remain in close contact with Malta Enterprise and the Malta Tourism Authority to identify opportunities in the respective sectors. In order to ensure that no opportunities are missed¸ trade enquiries will be followed up and forwarded to Malta Enterprise for evaluation. Contacts will also be sought with travel agents both in Greece and in Cyprus with a view of increasing the flow of tourists from the respective countries. Earlier this month a meeting was held with the President and Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Cyprus. The Embassy will continue to pursue these contacts to promote more cooperation between Maltese and Cypriot entrepreneurs through exchanges of trade delegations.

Regular daily flights are facilitating¸ and encouraging¸ the flow of tourists between the two countries. The Embassy will continue to seek opportunities of promoting cultural exchanges which will encourage participation of Maltese artists in cultural events organized in the Greek capital. This month¸ the Embassy¸ in cooperation with the recently appointed Hon. Consul in Corfu`¸ will be holding the official opening of the Honorary Consulate in Corfu`. The programme will also include the opening of an exhibition of historical material featuring the settlement of the Maltese in Corfu` as well as the most important personalities of their community. The Embassy will continue to extend its assistance to Maltese nationals seeking commercial contacts in Greece and Cyprus as well as to those encountering difficulties during their visit to the respective countries. The Embassy continues to be actively engaged in the processing of visa applications originating from countries where Malta does not have a diplomatic representation.

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