IFRS Update Course 2012

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The Hatton¸ London¸

United Kingdom

The World’s Most Popular International Financial Reporting Standards Course

By providing detailed case studies of the increased use of fair values and fair value accounting in IFRS financial statements¸ you will discover how to determine fair value measurements.

The coure focuses on business combinations¸ intangible assets¸ the impairment of assets & liabilities.

Course coverage includes:

  • IASB revised work programme
  • IFRS 9
  • 2011 financial statements
  • Fair value measurement
  • Business combinations

Key topics:

  • Changes to 2011 IFRS Financial Statements

    Business combinations; related party disclosures & further amendments to IAS 24; IFRIC issues and improvements; examples from company financial statements; leasing and insurance standards

IFRS Update is attended by a mix of industries¸ seniorities and geographies. From the CEO and CFO who needs a refresher to maintain an understanding of his companies work¸ through to the junior accountant carrying out the bulk of the work.

Featuring specialist guest presentations from:

  • Shan Kennedy¸ Independent Consultant
  • John Alton¸ Ernst & Young
  • Sunil Kansal