IFRS Foundation Conference: Frankfurt

Soucre: IFRS

International Financial Reporting Standards

The conference provides an excellent opportunity both to gain an understanding of the thinking behind the projects on the IASB’s agenda¸ and to hear about the future direction of financial reporting from those responsible for setting it.


IASB update: progress and plans

  • Update on IASB’s future agenda consultation
  • Current agenda projects
  • Recently issued standards
  • Interpretations and annual improvements
  • Post-implementation reviews

Perspectives on IFRS

  • IFRS Foundation: Update from the Chairman of the Trustees
  • Bank preparer’s perspective
  • Regulator’s perspective

Financial Instruments Replacement of IAS 39


  • Effective date
  • Impairment
  • General hedge accounting
  • Macro hedge accounting
  • Asset and liability offsetting

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