History of Tax Law Conference 2012

Source: Centre for Tax Law

The History of Tax Law Conference 2012 will be held at the Lucy Cavendish College¸ Cambridge

The following speakers have agreed to participate – the order of the list is random.

  • John Avery Jones – Sir Josiah Stamp and Double Income Tax
  • Chantal Stebbings (Exeter) – Tax and Quacks: the policy of the medicine stamp duty
  • Johann Hattingh (Cambridge) – Early German income tax treaties and laws concerned with double tax avoidance (1869 to 1908)
  • Dominic de Cogan (Birmingham) – Tax by or Law or by Administrators; the Changing Boundaries between 1900 and 1950 – Capital Allowances
  • Malcolm Gammie – More on Source
  • Majorie Korhnauser (Arizona State and Tulane) Taxing Bachelors in America: 1895-1939
  • H (enk) Vording and Onno Ydema (Leiden) – Dutch Tax reform under Napolean
  • Diana Kraal¸ Monash University Law School – Of Taxes: An Inquiry into Dutch to British Colonial Malacca 1824-1839
  • Xu Yan¸ The University of Hong Kong – Old Wine in New Wineskins: The Taxation History of China
  • Lynne Oats (Exeter) and Pauline Sadler (Curtain University of Technology) – When Accounting and Law collide: The Curious Australian case of dividends from pre-1914 profits
  • Margaret McKerchar (UNSW) and Jane Frecknall Hughes (Head of Law Open University) – The History and Development of the Taxation Profession in the UK and Australia
  • Ann O’Connell (Melbourn) Advancement (and Retreat?) of Religion: A Historical Perspective
  • John Pearce (formerly with HMRC) – The Income Tax Law Rewrite Projects: 1914 to 1956
  • Richard Thomas (Office of Tax Simplification formerly with HMRC) – The ‘Full Amount’ in Income Tax Legislation
  • Richard Vann (Sydney) The Entertaining History of Article 17
  • Barbara Abraham (Worshipful Company) ‘Danegeld’ – from Danish tribute to English land tax
  • Philip Ridd – ‘Plaintive Glitterarti’
  • John Tiley (Cambridge) – Estate Duty Days

The further details and booking form are available to download.

Please email Sally Lanham on ctl@law.cam.ac.uk if you have any queries.