Hedge Emerging Markets

Source: Terrapin.com

Europe’s annual conference on investing in emerging markets



Hedge Emerging Markets highlights the latest trends within emerging markets in Latin America¸ Asia and Africa and explores the variety of strategies that can be used to exploit them. Investors and emerging market managers get together to examine new opportunities and risks.

  • Can you offer an investment opportunity that provides allocators with superior returns?
  • Do you provide services and expertise which can help funds with the challenges they face?

If so¸ then you need to sponsor HEDGE Emerging Markets.

Limited FREE passes available for end-investors

As an investor¸ by attending HEDGE Emerging Markets you will:

  • Discover you why you should consider emerging market strategies in 2013
  • Uncover where the best regional opportunities in emerging markets are¸ and find out how best to exploit them
  • Discover what the biggest risks in emerging markets are¸ and learn how to managed them
  • Understand the mechanics of emerging market strategies so you can improve your due diligence


Who should attend:

  • Pension funds
  • Family offices
  • Private banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Fund?of?funds
  • Pension fund advisors
  • Emerging market hedge funds


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