The Maltese Government provides a well developed health care system which is entirely free for Maltese citizens and is funded through taxation.  EU nationals holding a European Health Insurance Card are also entitled to free medical treatment offered by the Government.  Preventative¸ investigative¸ curative and rehabilitative services are available in a very modern Government Hospital in Malta and another one in Gozo and supported by a network of health centres scattered all over the country.  Private health services also exist alongside and both private and public care units ensure the presence of an excellent health care system.

Patients visiting Malta do not normally require certificates of vaccination or insulation to enter the Maltese Islands¸ however it is advisable to be covered by a personal medical insurance policy.  Malta has reciprocal health agreements with Australia and the United Kingdom  therefore nationals of these countries¸ visiting the Islands for no longer than one month¸ are entitled to free medical and hospital care in both Malta and Gozo.